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Get your full scan of your AURA, CHAKRA, HEALTH STATUS of your internal organs, your energy reserve, your YIN & YANG channels and even the sound of your chakra & many more with our GDV Kirillian Camera.


Get an hour of counselling over your life issues from the energy point of view such as negativity, Relationship problem disturbance energy, new life style or business or whatever you feel you need help & talk about it.


If you are suffering from any chronic ailments, like diabetes, Cancer, Tumor & so on, make sure to try our service There are many things about your ailment which you DO NOT KNOW about and IT CAN BE CURED.


We help you to resize the preferred part of your body WITHOUT any surgery, drag or even touch ONLY by changing Energy Body changing the size of breasts, waist, arms, thighs or anywhere NO side effects.


Many of the wrinkles and ageing is NOT is not due to the AGE, but to the sadness, depression, bad experiences, losing a love one & broken hearts. Let us energetically bring back the youthfulness of your face by removing the effect of all from your face.


Let the NATURE heals you by Cleansing & Energizing your Chakras to rejuvenite your Aura and freshen it up. While the scent of incense is going on & the Mantras are playing to awaken your true Nature.


Healing the Energy of the Relationship. You may face disharmony with your partner, parents, boss or someone very important to you & your future. BEFORE making any important decision ASK FOR HEALING!


Very powerfull and effective way to eliminate depression, fears, childhood phobias, Chronic anxiety, Stress, Energetically Disturbance, any kinds of addictions, Hallucinations, OCD with no-touch and no-drug.

General Healing

A natural therapy for the simple ailments like migraine to more complicated ones, like HYpertansion, General Pain, Back Pain, Eye & Skin disorders, Liver ailments & etc.


Kryiashakti is not just a word it’s the start of life where we as humans have the power to create and manifest whatever we have ever wish or desired to have in life.

The word Kriyashakti drive from two words: KRIYA: CREATION, materialization +SHAKTI-POWER

As a science, it uses the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane and to materialize your important goals and wishes.

The Law of Attraction in the Universe send you back whatever you sow.

Kriyashakti is a science of materialization. Recommended for business owners and those who have very important goals & wishes to be materialize either in short-term, middle-term or long-term.

Try this service before you close your business, or if you have a wish to fulfill regarding your life, relationship, job & so on.

Pranic Feng Shui

Our Panic Feng Shui is all about the ENERGY of the DIRECTIONS. Each directions produce certain energy in home and work-place. If you feel that something is going wrong ASK for Feng Shui service.

It is the art of arranging buildings, objects, space and life to achieve harmony and balance. Feng Shui works on the assumption that the world is driven by unseen forces.

The idea behind it is to unlock the way, so the forces may flow freely and create balance in a space (or life) because the life force energy flows through your dwellings and has a powerful effect on the way you feel and think. We help you

improve the energy flow to your home and office

improve your health and relationship conditions

increase your finance condition

  • Recommended for those who feel negativity in their home or office.
  • Those who are moving to a new home & office.
  • If you want to buy a land or property.


We often see Business from the outer Layer which is like a tip of the ice-berg but the real nature of any business depends upon the energy which is present in it.

In Business when we focus on the Inner Layers the true nature and the potential of the organization is revealed and its beyond imagination where one would have thought that its impossible to reach the ultimate level, but we here at H.O.P.E break the stereotypes.

It is a friendly image to management which results in the success and financial prosperity of businesses. By using energy and spiritual laws, we assist you to boost the financial situation by removing all the blockages which prevent the money to flow to the system. Improve all the poverty thoughts forms and seeds.

Develop you plan and projects much easier

Create a positive organizational environment to increase workers productivity and a good return on your investment.

Let us help you to remove the prosperity blockages from your business & your own energy body & your team members.