Meditation in words means prolong awareness & prolong concentration.

Meditation is a very deep level understanding of the consciousness and letting go and connecting in a new dimension of ray of light where everything is infinite and omnipotent.

Meditation also means finding a medium to connect with infinity  and when these two things come together and then the journey of the soul begins and its starts to come into existence through the Human body.

Simple way of meeting your true nature. Where your heart & mind are calm & peaceful. Where you feel connected & belonged. Meditation can be done on anything from meditating on simple light of candle to even an idea or thought or a quote of a Guru or spiritual teacher.

You can also meditate for a specific reason and purpose like bringing love to yourself, family, home or even on Earth. To improve & increase your spiritual experiences. To meditate on the Gurus or Archangels or even some Mantras.

Or you can meditate to be more prosperous.

What is meditation